Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Episode 41 - Archetypes we Love, Part One of … Many

Greetings, Citizens!

This week's topic is a beefy one, and one we know we'll not get to the end of in just one episode. So, we're going to break it up into several different parts. The trick is that we don't know when those other parts will come (Click the "archetypes" tag for the others as they become available).

Thieves. Tanks. Gandalf-ey wizards. Luke Skywalker. What do they all have in common? They're all based on a sort of archetype. In this episode, we start to scratch the surface of what archetypes we like and why we like them. Also, Matt gives us a good idea of what O.C.C.s and R.C.C.s are great fits for the type of character you might want to play. Well, as long as you tend to play along the same lines as Maddy and Jeff…

Carry on, Citizens!

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