Friday, August 26, 2016

The CDAPS: LOT16, Episode 8c

Hello, Citizens.

Sorry it's been a while since we updated the CDAP series, but things have been a little crazy on this end. No excuse, to be sure, but still…

Regardless, we hope you enjoy this week's installment, entitled We Who are About to Die, We Kill You First!!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Episode 42 - How to Campaign in 90 Seconds!

Greetings, Citizens!

First, to address the elephant in the room, no. We haven't disappeared. You know your coalition government far better than that. That real-life monster reared its ugly head again and prevented me from getting time to edit the podcast. But here we are! Hopefully we can get back on track.

So, we've been asked several times (hi, Dave.) if we could do some more actual roleplaying in our episodes. Naturally, being dumb, I (Jeff) thought that meant y'all wanted some actual play episodes. Now, don't worry; those aren't going anywhere. So if you like the CDAPS episodes, you'll still get those on an alternating basis. But in this episode, we took things in a different direction.

Random character generation, random scenario generation and go! You'll have to listen to the episode to get the full effect, but letting the GM run the scenario with a pair of percentile dice and the players using a d20 for everything? Yeah. It was hilarious. And awesome.

So enjoy this week's episode, How to Campaign in 90 Seconds!

Carry on, Citizens.