Monday, November 16, 2015

Episode 31 - Four-Star General Crunch!

Greetings, citizens!

There is a lot to apologize for in this episode. The first thing is that it's so late. But don't worry. We'll have an episode of LOT16 up at the end of the week to make up for it. Promise. :) The second is the sound quality and continuity of this episode. Apparently, a computer shutting down as an audio project is saving can have harmful effects upon said audio file. I salvaged as much as I could. Most of the first third is okay-ish. The last two-thirds … well, let's just be thankful we have them.

Anyway, this is certainly our crunchiest episode yet--we really get into the details of stats, what bonuses they provide, and various examples of how a game might progress given certain scenarios. I really wish we hadn't lost that extra audio, because I think this was probably one of our best recordings ever, in terms of information.

But who knows? Maybe when we get Nate on the mic, we can revisit this subject and reach the ultimate five-star general rank. Now that's crunchy.

Carry on, citizens.

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