Saturday, May 30, 2015

Episode 20 - Palladium Open House Redux, then Bob Walks Into a Bar

Greetings again, Citizens!

It's been far too long, I know. However, I hope we'll make up for it this time because we have the Magnificent Maddie along with us!

Anyway, Matt was at the Palladium Open House; and if you were there, odds are you saw him passing out cards with our information on them. Feel free to pass those cards along, and spread the love of Palladium's games. The system may not be the most popular, but hey, they sure know how to create an immersive environment for players, right?

Finally, after an overview of the fun Maddie and Jeff missed, the conversation moved toward a slightly different track: how do you get your players together in the first place? You could have them all get together in a bar, but how cliche is that? Really! Each of us take it in turns to offer ideas as to what can be a good solution to this, but as you know, we're not the ultimate authority on things of this nature. . . . yet. Please offer feedback on g+, Facebook, Twitter, on our email address, or anywhere else you might be able to find us. Seriously, we love doing this show, but we realize it's not just for us, it's for you--so we can share our passion for these games with you.

Also, I want to do two things here. I want to apologize for the terrible sound quality. As I've mentioned many times before, the recording equipment I have is twitchy at the best of times, and downright unusable at the worst. But that also segues wonderfully into the other thing I wanted to mention, and that is a gigantic shout-out to friend of the show, Gilstam, A.K.A. Dave. I also gave you a special mention before the episode started. That's irony for you! You realize that your recording quality is far below where you'd like it to be, then UPS brings you new equipment (and a new book to burn through!

Anyway, I think I've taken enough of your time tonight. Have a relatively safe night, citizens.

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