Friday, August 15, 2014

Episode 2 - Attack of the Martial-Artist Walrus Girl

Hello, everybody!

Once again, it's time for Matt and Jeff to discuss stuff, and the stuff this time is something for every gamer--literally.

And before you ask, no. We did not record this in a wind tunnel. Our normal recording area was being painted, and apparently they didn't want us recording in there while they were doing it. And they didn't want us recording in the main part of the library either, so we moved over to the secondary recording studio (a.k.a. the room in Jeff's house he and his wife haven't organized from when they moved in). Utah summers are pretty hot, so we had to use a fan, so it gets kinda noisy from time to time. Also, Jeff's kids tried to contribute their thoughts from the other room at various points.

But anyway, here's the basic outline of this episode:

0:00: Introduction
0:40: S.D.C. News - A report about Matt's character creation party
13:00: M.D.C. News - Miniatures, books and GenCon, oh my!
29:20: Discussion - Imagine someone isn't familiar with anything Palladium. What are three things you'd have them try to get them into it? Here are ours:

1. Random roll tables! Especially insanities, mutations and other...stuff.
2. Contested combat rolls and the common sense rule
3. "Chromatic" alignment, or alignment that isn't like others
Bonus 1: The fact that Palladium actually puts a disclaimer for parents into books...
Bonus 2: Splugorth!!

1. Chromatic alignment, but with a slightly different twist
2. Creativity and cross-pollination between games
3. M.D.C. makes pretty much all non-supernatural critters explode

Hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed making it!

Until next time...carry on, citizens.

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