Friday, August 28, 2015

Episode 26 - Board Games!

Greetings, Citizens!

Every once in a while, there comes a time when RPGs just don't work within a group for some reason. Maybe one or two people in the group are self-conscious about playing in character. Maybe they're just not keen on the idea of role playing. Whatever the case is, board games are a great go-to for a lot of gamers looking for a self-contained experience.

Today's special guest, Kelly has created a multiplayer game called Realm Warfare. Although it may have been inspired by chess initially, this game takes all the chess-like concepts and turns them up to eleven. And puts them in a fantasy setting. We also talk about various games that we like and why we like them, but the meat of the episode focuses on Realm Warfare.

Kelly is looking to get a Kickstarter going when he knows he has some support behind the idea, so go to the Facebook group and join so he can know how many people are interested in getting this off the ground.

Again, here is the link to the Realm Warfare group on Facebook. Once he gets enough people in the group, he'll launch the Kickstarter. Until then, you can go to the Realm Warfare website to learn more about the game.

Until next time, carry on, citizens.

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