Friday, April 3, 2015

Episode 17 - If I Could Save Time in a Bottle

Greetings, Citizens.

It's a lovely day in Chi-Town, and we're sure your CS-issue food rations are just great. If not, report to the nearest military officer. He'll take care of you.

This week, Matt and Jeff discuss Ley Line Walkers and all they bring to Rifts Earth. Plus, they continue from the Job Fair to the Palladium Travel Agency to Rifts England, where Temporal magic flows. Time is an interesting thing, and it was a fun discussion to have.

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  1. I enjoyed the discussion of Rifts: England! The last Rifts character I played was a Temporal Wizard and I had a great time with the class. I don't agree that the Temporal Wizards would be inclined towards the "good" alignments, since they train under the Raider same as the Temporal Warriors do. In fact if you play one that starts above level one they can only be Selfish or Evil.

    I think the thing I liked best about the Temporal Wizard was how the background for the class allowed me to easily have the character start the game "knowing" several dimensions already because of having visited them during his apprenticeship. That allowed for some additional, interesting options for the character at character creation and during gameplay as well.

    It's a shame so much of Rifts: England focused on the Rifts version of King Arthur, his knights and the Merlin plot (I know those names are all different, but that's basically who they are). There's so much else in the book that's only briefly talked about which deserved more, in my opinion.

    I know you guys can't talk about everything but two classes I always thought were neat also come from Rifts: England, and those are the Earth Child and Star Child psychics. They have some pretty unique abilities and those classes don't show up in any other locations on Rifts: Earth.

    1. Hey, sorry it took me so long to get back to you!

      I absolutely agree that Temporal Wizards, et. al are really fun classes to play. For example, you can really screw with your PCs with a Shifter or Ley Line Walker character because you can shift planes. But TWs can go one better and mess with planes of time, as well. It's fun.

      That's also one of the things that's awesome about the Rifts: England setting that's really unique and fun. They actually start (even at level 1) with a backstory and everything by virtue of the fact that they've been apprenticed to a master. Even if your PCs' goal is to become a master in something, you can focus on that.

      That being said, I agree that Kevin did spend a LOT of time on the intrigue and storylines between Merlin, Arthur, Gwinevere, Lancelot, Percival and Morgan le Fay. I feel like there could have been a lot more in terms of exploring Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Mercia and Northumbria, but that's me.

      Ooh! Idea! How about a reenactment of the Norman Invasion or any of the Viking invasions? That'd be awesome fun...

    2. Don't forget too that Merlin's plots in New Camelot were also one of the great dangers referenced in the Edict of Planetary Distress. There's a blast from the past!

      I liked how England also had a section for alien plants/flora, and I liked some of the alien creatures - like the "Stone Ball Bug." There's a lot to like about Rifts England.

    3. Agreed. There's a ton of politicking if you want to get into it, but you can do a normal swashbuckling dungeon crawl if you want, too.

      And the critters! As I mentioned before, I like all the monsters/beings/D-Bees that inhabit various parts of the isles that *aren't* immediately around Camelot and the Millennium Tree.