Friday, February 6, 2015

Episode 13 - Hitting the Forums

Greetings, citizens.

Well, you asked for it. Here it is. In this episode we discuss one of the hottest topics on the forums: what can Palladium do better? What are some ways the company can make their games better? After all, as players and fans of the Palladium Megaverse, we have an investment in the company, whether that means a financial investment or just a psychological one.

We also have a triple-threat this time. We took time for a Palladium Travel Agency, Creature Feature and a Job fair of sorts—that is, we kind of smash them all together to feature the Coalition States. In lieu of the episode that never was, we felt it was about time to give you at least a brief overview of what makes this Megaversal presence what it is.

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Until next time, carry on, citizens.


  1. I definitely agree with an updated, core rulebook that lays out the basic Megaversal rules for all the games, followed by individual game books that tack on the setting specific rules (like M.D.C.). Something that bugs me a bit, speaking of M.D.C., is that the official position is for mega-damage tech to become S.D.C. in an S.D.C. environment, but it never works the other way for tech. Supernatural, Magical, and Superhuman S.D.C. generally becomes some form of M.D.C., but S.D.C. tech from an S.D.C. world never becomes M.D.C. in a M.D.C. setting. As I think about a Megaversal ruleset, that strikes me as somewhat inconsistent.

  2. I take that back a bit - Aliens Unlimited has examples of S.D.C. tech that becomes M.D.C. in an M.D.C. setting. It's mentioned in the conversion notes for each race, specifically if they're used in a Phase World setting.

  3. Yet again, that kind of hearkens back to the comment either Matt or I made about the system having been around for so long. Let's face it. It's old, but not necessarily in a bad way. But they've tweaked and changed and elaborated on so many things that sometimes the exceptions to the exceptions to the exceptions to the rules can be impossible to follow.

  4. Almost every time I re-read a book I manage to find some obscure rule that I missed (or completely forgot about) in earlier readings. But when I get around to wanting to reference it again, I forget which book I found it in or where in the book I found it! I love the games though and keep coming back to them year after year. I've never found a another game system that I liked enough with the breadth of settings and (pseudo) compatibility that Palladium has.