Friday, October 24, 2014

Episode 7 - Social Contracts Players Sign

Hello, and and happy Halloween to you, human-enough subjects!

Real life seemed to try conspiring against us this time, but we showed it who was boss.

Anyway, I know I've said this before in a post, but I think this is one of our best episodes yet. Up to this point, we've been talking a lot about what a GM needs to do to engage players and things like that, but today, Matt had a great idea. What does a player need to do to fulfill their part of the social gaming contract? What is the social contract when it comes to gaming, and how does it even break? What are the effects if someone breaks it?

And somehow, we came back to talking about rules lawyers. What is it with those guys?

Anyway, we're glad to be back on track with our schedule. Sorry the Episode 6 came out so early—that was a mistake on my part, but one I'm not planning to repeat. Also, because real life played such havoc with the editing schedule, I wasn't able to include the additional feature in this episode. BUT, in lieu of that, we have a fun little section where we learn that Matt's dice really are cursed.

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