Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Wrath of the Technology Gods...Again

Hello, citizens.

Through events entirely outside my control (software/hardware failure), Episode 9 will probably not be coming out this week. I'm still holding onto hope I can figure out a solution that will fix everything, but it doesn't look promising. Essentially, I'd have to go through the file second-by-second, and fix it at an even smaller scale. When you're looking at an hour or so, we'd be waiting until next summer.

So, we're considering two options. I think we're going to maintain our normal recording schedule, but adjust the release back a week--so, we'd record this week and release next week. Or, we may decide to continue the previous schedule and just call this a one-week hiatus. Or you can just figure that the special episode is number 9. It's up to you, really.

Anyway, let's get a little listener/reader engagement! Look at the photo below, and build it into an adventure. It doesn't matter what game setting you use (or system, for that matter), just say what system and setting, and describe how this setting shows up. How do your players come into the setting? How is it important? Comment below or tweet at us.

Carry on, citizens.