Friday, February 6, 2015

Episode 13 - Hitting the Forums

Greetings, citizens.

Well, you asked for it. Here it is. In this episode we discuss one of the hottest topics on the forums: what can Palladium do better? What are some ways the company can make their games better? After all, as players and fans of the Palladium Megaverse, we have an investment in the company, whether that means a financial investment or just a psychological one.

We also have a triple-threat this time. We took time for a Palladium Travel Agency, Creature Feature and a Job fair of sorts—that is, we kind of smash them all together to feature the Coalition States. In lieu of the episode that never was, we felt it was about time to give you at least a brief overview of what makes this Megaversal presence what it is.

As always, here's the link:

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Until next time, carry on, citizens.